The Youth Council

Welcome to the youth council’s page! We are a group of engaged youth who work on various projects at the museum and try to make youth’s voices heard.

Some of our goals are:

  • Make the natural sciences more appealing and relevant to people our age.
  • To represent our values and perspectives and the themes important to us.

Among other things, we help design new exhibitions, advise the museum, and work on realizing our own projects and ideas. There’s a multitude of possibilities available to the council and a lot of flexibility.

Do you have questions or wish to know more about the Youth Council? Please contact us via call or email:

Christina Höfling


The implementation of the Youth Council is made possible by funding from the “Aktionsplan Leibniz Research Museums”. Here you can find a list of the projects of the Aktionsplan at Senckenberg. In addition, we thank all members of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung for co-financing the Youth Council.

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Christina Höfling
Research Assistant
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