Projekt Insektenreich

World of Insects

A workshop for school classes in the Senckenberg Naturmuseum
– initiated and supported by the International Women’s Club of Frankfurt e. V.


60% of all known species of the world are insects. They can be found in nearly all habitats and are true survivalists. But the last number of years their numbers have been going down dramatically! In some regions of Germany over half of all insects have disappeared. What impact does this have on birds, humans and co.? It’s about time to give those bugs a stage – because insects are essential for our lives.


Starting in summer 2019 we offered a workshop for students from 5th to 7th grade (language: German) to educate them about insects, what they do for us, their endangerment and the need to protect them.

During the workshop the students got the chance to explore the colourful world of insects. They learned how to use binoculars, identify different insects and build a bug hotel for the own school yard, balcony or garden.

Due to the funding of the International Women’s Club of Frankfurt, several classes had the opportunity to attend.


Students get to know and identify insects and improve their knowledge on biodiversity. They will learn the important part insects play in our ecosystem. Together we will get an idea what the loss of insects means for our lives and we will discover possibilities for action.


Projekt Insektenreich
Projekt Insektenreich

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