• Special exhibition

    Floralia: Merian – Schultz – Crespo

    Three Women between the Art and Exploration of Plants

  • Stadtinsekten: Eichelbohrer Curculio glandium und Spinne, Schwanheimer Düne Frankfurt am Main

    A Year at Senckenberg: Art, City Insects, Nature and Medicine

    2023 Annual Program of the Natural History Museum Frankfurt published

  • Bilder Veranstaltungen
    Permanent exhibition

    Aha?! Science Lab

  • Special exhibition

    A Plastic Eating Whale-Dolphin

    The artist Pınar Yoldaş shows her vision of future ecosystems with "An Ecosystem of Excess" at the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt from June 22 to October 01, 2023.

Short rules for the museum

Please do not touch: In our house you can see very old and valuable treasures of nature. In order to preserve them for future generations, they must be treated with care and protection. Therefore: Look with your eyes – and do not touch anything.

Please do not eat and drink: This may seem like an overstatement, but mishaps could have consequences worth millions. Spilled liquids, sticky fingers or accidental spills can cause great damage under certain circumstances. Use our break room on the 1st floor or visit the Bistro on the 2nd floor.

Keep calm and slow down: We are happy if our exhibition stimulates conversations, but we would like to do so calmly. Other visitors may want to read texts and concentrate, and are grateful if things don’t get too loud. If you run around, you can easily trip and endanger the valuable exhibits, other visitors and yourself.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your Senckenberg Team

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