Permanent exhibition

Bottled anatomy

Natural science collections can be seen as an archive of life that also traces the history of the earth. They serve as a basis for research into geo- and biodiversity. The attics and storerooms of the Senckenberg association are home to more than 37 million zoological, mineralogical and botanical series. The “Collection Worlds” are just a small snapshot of this remarkable diversity. Conservation methods and the history of comparative anatomy at Senckenberg are the exhibition’s central elements. Sure to fascinate visitors, the exhibits are presented as an “Ancient Apothecary” that includes more than 300 items in the so-called “Wet Specimens Collection,” anatomical apparatuses, and conservation instruments. How, for example, does one preserve something for eternity? How big is a giraffe’s heart? What does a penguin’s tongue or a whale’s brain look like? These and many other exciting questions are answered by the “Collection Worlds – Bottled Anatomy.”