Special exhibition

City Insects: Frankfurt’s Tiny Helpers

29. September 2023 until 1. December 2024

As many natural habitats are increasingly being lost, cities like Frankfurt are becoming havens for insects. Here the animals fulfil important functions, as they are pollinators, scavengers, natural pest controllers and much more. They are irreplaceable for an intact natural environment, and therefore also for humans.

The City Insects exhibition invites visitors to get to know these fascinating little creatures in Frankfurt and to explore them together with Senckenberg scientists. It is part of the research project “SLInBio – Urban lifestyles and the valorisation of biodiversity: dragonflies, grasshoppers, bumblebees and co”.


Which stepping stones fit? In the exhibition, the hero buck needs help from visitors to get from one habitat to another. ©Nicklas Bauske
The female acorn borer uses her proboscis to make a hole in the still unripe, soft acorn to lay her eggs. When the fruit ripens, the hole grows closed again. ©Nicklas Bauske
An acorn borer (Curculio glandium) is hidden in the search picture. The small beetle has a relatively long proboscis.
Enlarged model of the hoverfly with aphids.