Would you like to support the preservation of the diversity of life and habitats with your company because you are convinced that biodiversity is the resource for the sustainable development of our Earth?

We offer you the opportunity to support the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research and all of its work through sponsorships!

The Senckenberg Society’s vision is to research nature and give everyone access to the results. Become a research sponsor and help us to continue developing! With your support, you can show your dedication to the relationship between us and the Earth.

You can also choose to support us through project-related engagement. You can sponsor one of our many events! Through event sponsorship, you can benefit from the enormous exposure of your commitment to sustainability.

You can receive similar benefits through room sponsorships. As a room sponsor, you can support us in the long-term by keeping a room up-to-date and attractive. As a sponsor, you can help us design newly-themed rooms in our museum and improve the overall experience of our guests when they visit our museum. You and your company can also become exhibit-sponsors! From highlight exhibits, a central element of an exhibition, to individual exhibits, which help us to dig deeper into important topics – support options vary greatly in size thanks to our abundance of exhibits.

As an education sponsor, you are also committed to our mission statement. Sponsors enable us to inspire different social classes for our work and to keep them involved.

A special way of getting involved in the Senckenberg Society is through pro bono support through a service. In many of our areas, from PR and marketing, to graphics and design, to IT and mobile solutions, we are always open to partnerships from which everyone benefits. In addition, we look forward to donations in kind, which we can use to finance our collections, in the research area, or in our museums and for mediation. This can be laboratory equipment, furnishings, IT equipment, showcases, or other material resources.

Through engagement with the Senckenberg Society, you can benefit from:

  • a boosted reputation through your partnership with one of the most prominent educational, cultural, and research institutions in Germany with high quality standards
  • access to attractive target groups in all age groups, from children to young people and adults, as well as high-ranking representatives from businesses and politics
  • participation in attractive events, exhibitions, and events for customers and employees
  • documentation of your social commitment for the preservation and expansion of the archives of life, the research of biodiversity, and the fundamentals of human life

Have we made you curious? Detailed information and your individual sponsorship package can be obtained from Dr. Martin Čepek or Charlotte Hemmink.


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