Nature Culture Architecture

For transcultural exchange

Frankfurt is proud to be a multicultural city. Many nations live here. This diversity is one of our strengths and its absence would be unthinkable for our society.

Museums, with their many objects, also house a great diversity from all parts of the world. As social meeting places, they also have great potential to promote social and cultural participation and strengthen the community. In this way, we want to open the doors and lower the thresholds. The Senckenberg Naturmuseum, the Weltkulturen Museum and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum would like to actively facilitate access to museums with this non-profit outreach project. Our programs are aimed at young people and adults learning German who have had no or only very limited opportunity to take advantage of cultural opportunities, regardless of how long they have been in Germany and how well they speak German.
Click here for the project flyer (only available in German).

Fascination of Nature at the Senckenberg Naturmuseum

Touch a fossilized tree or take a close look at a taxidermied bird – in the Senckenberg Naturmuseum you can experience the diversity of nature! During a guided tour (50 min) or a workshop (90 min) with a welcome and a short introduction in a cozy atmosphere, we will roam through the museum together and get to know some of the more than 13,000 fascinating objects from all parts of the world. Individually tailored to the wishes of the participants, we explore the museum. In the process, we discover known and unknown things from the past and present of our earth and also dare a look into the future.


Please contact the individual institutions for specific appointments.
The project is sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt, and the guided tours and workshops as well as the admission are therefore free of charge for you.

The individual institutions can be reached by telephone or e-mail as follows:

Andrea Weidt (education department)
Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung und Naturmuseum Frankfurt
Email: interkulturelles@senckenberg.de

Rebekka Kremershof (education department)
Deutsches Architekturmuseum
Tel. +49 69 212 31076
Email: dam.vermittlung@stadt-frankfurt.de

Stephanie Endter (education department)
Weltkulturen Museum
Tel. +49 69 212 38362
Email: weltkulturen.bildung@stadt-frankfurt.de

In cooperation with infrau e. V. the first programs were developed in 2009, mainly for women in literacy-, orientation-, and integrating-courses. In 2011 the project (by Marie Rahn, Senckenberg Museum) has been awarded with the City of Frankfurt Integration Price.   Since 2014 this collaborative project is sponsored by the Frankfurt culture Department.