Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt Diorama

Permanent exhibition


The dioramas (realistic family groups) show animals in their natural environment. The first dioramas were constructed in the museum in 1908. Following their partial destruction during a bombing raid in 1944, they were reconstructed and repeatedly revised.

Similar to a small stage set, the diorama conveys a lifelike impression of entire habitats with their characteristic flora and fauna. In addition to the special landscape design, a background painting creates an illusion of spatial depth, making the dioramas true pieces of art. Besides rare and almost extinct large mammals from Central Europe such as the European bison and the brown bear you can also see native mammals up close and personal in their native habitat, including wild boar, red fox, badger, and roe deer. In addition, visitors can discover a pack of wolves playing in the snow, moose strolling on the beach, or chamois and musk oxen in the mountains.