Permanent exhibition

Aha?! Science Lab

Open from 25.06.2022

In the experimentally designed rooms, visitors of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum will be able to actively interact with scientists as well as work on and discover collection items themselves.

Nature research thrives on the fascination of discovering unknown things, understanding connections and understanding the world better, bit by bit. Driven by their curiosity, scientists are constantly developing new research questions and investigating them through targeted research and well thought-out experiments. Where museums normally simply display the results of this research, the Aha?! Science Lab offers an opportunity to participate. Guided by their own interests and impulses, visitors get to measure exhibits, view them under a microscope and discover hidden worlds. Research boxes with objects, accompanying questions and thought-provoking impulses are designed to encourage visitors to understand correlations in nature or to develop their own questions. Those who prefer to work creatively can draw, model or design with natural materials. But what do visitors actually want to explore? Which animal groups do they want to get to know better and which methods do they want to try out? In order to get closer to the answer to this question, a deliberately experimental and flexible research workshop will start in spring 2022, in which methods and topics can be tried out and visitors can express their opinions and wishes.

In addition, visitors to the Aha?! Science Lab will actively engage in dialog with scientists. In the Science Live area, experts will regularly report on their research on site and be available to answer visitors’ questions. In addition to live broadcasts on excavations or on a research ship, the numerous opportunities for participation are among the highlights of the Research Workshop. Here, visitors will be able to actively participate in research projects (for example, by analyzing photos of camera traps from the WildLIVE! -project).

The Aha?! Science Lab will open as part of the “New Museum” project as the first part of the planned Investigation Center on the first floor, in the space of the former break room. In the coming years, the area will be supplemented by a bio lab and an interactive paleo lab.



View of the room


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