The Senckenberg Society for Natural Research was started through the initiative of Johann Christian Senckenberg, and was founded more than 200 years ago by engaged citizens. Since then, our society has made a comprehensive contribution to scientific research, education, and communication.

We investigate the role of biodiversity during the involvement of humans within the Earth system from the past to the present. We predict scenarios in the future on a scientific basis. The three Senckenberg-programs “Infrastructure”, “Science and Research” and “Science and Society” build a bridge that sensitizes and promotes the sustainable use of nature and the resource biodiversity. With our work we make an important, internationally visible contribution to the understanding, preservation, and sustainability in the use of nature.

There are many ways you can support us!

All of what we have achieved is only possible because committed citizens have been promoting and supporting the Senckenberg Society since it was founded. This support enables us to design exciting exhibitions and museum educational programs, to present particularly unique exhibits, and to conduct future-oriented research. Help support our society for the next 200 years and accompany us on our journey.

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One-time Donations

Make our work better with your donation. With your financial support, you enable us to continue to offer and grow our wide range of exhibitions, programs, and much more which we look forward to offering. You have the opportunity to support Senckenberg in general, and we will use your donation where it is most urgently needed. You can also make a donation for a specific purpose in our society. We would be happy to discuss your wishes and ideas with you in a personal conversation.

Recurring Donations

Would you like to be a “repeat offender”? Your recurring donation can help us plan in the medium-to-long term in our three core areas of “Infrastructure”, “Science and Research” and “Science and Society”. This enables us to plan our projects more precisely and make the results accessible through our museums and programs. You can decide whether you would like to donate monthly, annually, or in another chosen interval. You can decide how long you want to support us with your donation. Naturally, we would also like to come to terms about with you about where your donation can best be implemented.


As a sponsor, you can adopt an exhibition space within our museum and contribute to its maintenance and upkeep! You can commit yourself to a topic and decide on the size of the room. With a sponsorship, you support us long-term and personally over a period of 10 years. In coordination with you, we will be happy to honor your continuous support with a public mention in your room. We look forward to working with you to find a room that suits you!

Donating by Will

During their lives, many people are involved in organizations that correspond to their values. This commitment can continue beyond one’s lifetime. Should it be your wish, you can donate to the Senckenberg Society through your Will to continue to show your support. We at Senckenberg are grateful if you feel like you can identify yourself with our values and would like to speak with us about how you can use your Will for a world worthy of your grandchildren. Contact us!


We have received many artifacts in our collections from individuals who have lived their enthusiasm for science and natural finds for decades. These collections have not only an ideal value for the collectors, but also a high scientific value that we can incorporate into our research work. With around 40 million collection pieces, we hold the fifth largest collection worldwide. Since new additions to the collection keep making new connections and research approaches possible, we would be delighted if your support would add new artifacts to our collection!


Memberships also support the work of the Senckenberg Society for Natural Research. Our members have always been an integral part of Senckenberg. Long-lasting member, family, or school – you too can become a Senckenberger and supporter of our educational mission! You can find out more about memberships here.

To Donate

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Donations to support the Senckenberg Society for Natural Research are tax-deductible. Inheritance tax does not apply to donations of Wills to the Senckenberg Society for Natural Research. Non-profit organizations are exempt from inheritance tax.

The Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung shall use the funds received only for the specified purposes and the associated, necessary and reasonable administrative costs.