Twiddle - the museum riddle

Twiddle – The Museum Riddle

Explore the world in eight museums with twiddle – the museum riddle 

Explore the museum together with a dinosaur? Talk to cave bears about genetic engineering and endangered species or go diving in the deep sea with Molly the sperm whale? Visitors of the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt can do all this now on their smartphones with twiddlethe museum riddle. 

twiddle is a free game app of the eight Leibniz research museums and makes it possible to experience the most exciting objects of the museums.  

With twiddle you can explore the museum in a new way and discover unexpected connections. Our world is on the move, and not just since yesterday.  

Solve exciting quests, collect objects and look at them from different perspectives: What does an old shipwreck from the Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven have to do with data theft or a dinosaur skeleton with technological progress? You can also swap objects with fellow players from the other museums and even create new objects. Here you’ll get a cultural, technical and scientific view of the Earth and its evolution…and that through the eyes of one of the museum’s most famous exhibits; the Diplodocus. There is so much to discover!


And for the impatient ones, there’s a HomeQuest you can play from the comfort of your own home before coming to the museum.

If you are not in Frankfurt right now; feel free to visit the other Leibniz Research Museums across Germany and play twiddle directly on site! 





twiddle was developed by the “Competence Center Education in Museums” consisting of employees of the eight Leibniz Research Museums as well as the Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media in Tübingen and the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in Kiel. The game was funded by the Leibniz Research Museums Action Plan and implemented within the Action Plan theme “A World on the Move”.  

More information and a short teaser with impressions from the game can be found here.