Senckenberg App

We are experiencing technical issues concerning the development of the Senckenberg App. Some features of the application are not displayed correctly. We apologize for the issue and will solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

The Senckenberg App accompanies you during your visit to the Natural History Museum in Frankfurt. Besides general information for your visit to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, such as opening hours, directions, and entrance fees the app provides additional information about select highlights in our permanent exhibition. Texts, audio and video files offer deeper insights into the exhibits. A map of the Natural History Museum and interactive site plans for all levels help you find your way around the museum and guide you to specific exhibits.

Various tours lead you to select highlights in our exhibition, let you dive into the unknown depth of the deep-sea or inform you about present hot topics, such as species conservation. Alternatively, you can assemble your own tour to your personal favorites, giving your visit to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum an individual touch.
Ever wanted to meet a living dinosaur? You can now, thanks to our Augmented Reality experience: Meet a resurrected dinosaur mummy and watch a dinosaur herd walking right inside the exhibition.

What does the app offer:

  •  information on your visit to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum
  • additional information in the form of texts and multi-media offerings about select exhibits
  • various tours to select highlights, current topics or personal highlights from our youth council
  • map and site plans
  • all content in German and English
  • texts are also available in Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and French

The app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. Mobile phones for loan are available at the entrance.

The editorial development and improvement of the Senckenberg App is made possible by financial support through the joint action plan of the Leibniz Research Museums.


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