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Senckenberg App

The free Senckenberg app presents a revised media guide that provides new ways of experiencing the running exhibitions in several different languages.

Visitors are now able to enjoy a multi-media experience as they can listen to an audio guide while also receiving additional visual information with the help of maps, graphics, video, text and pictures.

Furthermore, the app does not only provide general information on opening times or ticket prices, it also keeps its users updated on the latest research results and provides insight into what is happening behind the scenes of the Senckenberg institute.

The app offers three kinds of museum tours: a highlight-tour of 90 minutes, a family-tour of 60 minutes and a shorter 45-minute version. Visitors may choose what they want to listen to at their own pace.

All content is available in German and English. In addition, the descriptions of the exhibits are available in Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and French.

The app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android.

Mobile phones for loan are available at the entrance.


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Audio Guide

We provide audio guides in German and English. The audio guide will give you more information about 50 of the most interesting exhibits.

Loan charge 3,00 €
Headset (not necessary) 0,50 €
The headset does not need to be returned after your visit.