Erwachsenenführung mit Tour-Guide

Guided Tours

The Education Department of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum was instituted in 1981 when an established post was adapted for this division for the first time. The Education Department realizes the museum’s educational commitment in public, especially by “taking care of the visitors in the museum”.

It addresses visitors of all age groups and based on the exhibits and their presentation it tries to establish a communication between the object and the beholder. This enables us to gain new experiences which could be valuable additions to further exhibitions.
In practice we realize the concept of nonformal, lifelong learning for all ages in different projects. In the scientific field, we accompany and evaluate the educational process regarding the museum and contribute significantly to training and further education, also in cooperation with different partners like the University of Frankfurt and Bildungsnetzwerk of Frankfurt.

Besucher im ersten Lichthof auf Holzbank

Our Guided Tours

The Education Department offers guided tours through the exhibition as well as the special exhibition for almost all ages. Guided tours for organized groups like school classes, kindergarten, adults, families and children’s birthdays need to be booked in advance.

For further information and booking please call +49 (0)69/7542-1357 (Wednesday-Thursday from 9am-12pm and 1-4pm). Or contact us via

General Information for guided tours

  • The Educations Department offers guided tours in English to the highlights of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum
  • Maximum 10 participants can attend one tour (students and chaperons)
  • One tour takes 50 minutes, the last tour begins 1 hour before the museum closes
  • Guided tours have to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance, at best 4-5 weeks in advance


School class, Kindergarten, other institutions:    30,- € per tour
Families and groups up to 5 participants:                  30,- € per tour
Guided tour for adult groups:                                             40,- € per tour

Rules during your visit at the Museum

  • Groups/classes with students up to 16 years of age and infant-groups must be guided as one unit. If you wish to divide your group into smaller units, each group must be accompanied by a teacher/chaperon.
  • Groups/classes with students 16 years of age and older must be accompanied by their teacher/chaperon if their behaviour necessitates this.
  • Activity sheets are allowed only if suitable clip-boards are used. Then, each group must be accompanied by a teacher/chaperon. Activity sheets should not encourage a wild chase through the museum. Please take care that neither the graphic displays nor the showcases are used as writing-boards.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed at the exhibitions rooms. A snack-room is located at the ground floor and our Senckenberg Bistro is located on the second floor.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the entire museum.

Further Information for your Visit

  • Please consider avoiding days with high attendance (e.g. days prior to school holidays) when certain exhibition halls and the hall of the special exhibition may have to be closed temporarily. This is inevitable in order to ensure that guided tours could be performed in an orderly way.
  • We would like to ask you to prepare your students for their visit to our museum, including instructions about appropriate behaviour in a museum and towards other visitors. Running and shouting are unacceptable and touching of exhibits without a respective sign is strictly prohibited.
  • For further information, booking of guided tours as well as to discuss any special issue that may be relevant for your next visit, do not hesitate to contact us!