Sketch for TemPe-corals, 2022.


Meet the Reef! - Perspective Fine arts

2. June until 15. January 2023

For the second perspective in “Meet the Reef!” the artists Linda Weiß and Nina M.W. Queissner have been invited to develop an artistic installation combining sound and sculpture.
Their installation “Looking for Medusa” takes the visitors on a journey across past, present, and future mythologies. Its starting point is in antiquity: Based on Ovid’s narrative about the origin of coral, the installation explores possible relations between different ecosystems and mythologies, or understandings of how we humans locate ourselves holistically in the world and the cosmos. By imagining an experimental habitat for speculative coral creatures the artists are asking how corals might be able to exist in future times. The visitors are invited to explore the working process of artistic research and are encouraged to engage with their own stories and questions.
The exhibition “Meet the reef!” presents three different perspectives (Society, Fine Arts, Science) on the ecosystem coral reef. It is on display until July 2024 and is being developed as part of the project “Temporary Permanence” funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Perspective Society
On display: December 2, 2022 to May 21, 2023
Perspective Fine Arts
On display: June 2, 2023 to January 15, 2024
Perspective Research
On display: February 2, 2024 to July 2024